Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Journey

I wanted to make an introductory post for those of you newly stumbling upon my blog. You may wonder what my "topic" is. I don't have a deadset  topic that I stick to. I do have a theme. I focus on balance and objectivity when it comes to all things in life, particularly, parenting and family life. One week I may only speak about finances while another week I speak about food or music. I hope we talk about a bunch of different stuff. The point will be that there are many choices in life and no one can make the right ones for you except you. Also, many things in life are not black and white.

Moral excellence, or virtue, cannot be achieved if you are in excess or in lacking of any emotion or action. If you are in excess, it's not a virtue anymore, it is a weakness or flaw. If you are lacking, it is a vice. For example, the virtue of compassion can be callousness if in deficiency or it can be pity if it is in excess. When you find the balance between the two, that is when you find yourself in harmony with ethical and innate virtues. Your personal values usually come from your personal belief system and personal opinions. Thus, your virtues are affected by what you personally believe and hold valuable. In other words, moral excellence may mean something completely different to you than it means to someone else. It depends on who you are, where you live and who raised you. Ultimately, reaching a virtuous and moral life exclusively depends on balance in your life based on your personal opinions and beliefs.

I believe these ideas and concepts pertain not only to personal morality and virtue, but they also pertain to all aspects of life. If you are in excess or lacking in any area of your life, there can be consequences. Some consequences are smaller and more subtle than others, but trust me, they are there. But just as I said earlier, your "virtue" or life balance is based on your own personal opinions. Balance in your life looks completely different than balance in my life.  When any area of your life is too extreme in one direction, things can get ugly. 

This is what this blog is going to be about. It is my personal journey to finding balance in our family and parenting style. I want balance in how I feed, discipline, interact, teach and treat my son. I also want balance in how we spend our money and our time. I hope that you read this blog and it gives you ideas on how to find balance in your own life. Maybe the information I present is useless to you because our circumstances are just too different. Hopefully you can just read it and it will make you ponder about how you can balance things out. Balance is virtuous and when everything in life is in balance, all the choices you make will be right. I'm the mom in the middle and I like it.

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