About This Blog

I started this blog because I know there are parents out there that can identify with this blog and make use of it. Perhaps you don't fit a particular "label"? Well, no one should fit a label. Labels usually only cause a negative or false perception of yourself or others. You just don't quite fit right with the uppity richy rich moms, or the "crunchy" moms, but yet, you don't fit in with the workaholic, casual or mainstream moms either? Who gives a shit. I certainly don't. Being a parent in of itself should be enough to tie us all together and help us respect one another. Yes, we all have certain issues and aspects of parenting that we are passionate about and want others to see it the same way. But that shouldn't tear us apart.There isn't just one "right" parenting method. I hope that people read this blog and take what works and leave the rest. I may be viewed as "crunchy" or as a "natural" parent. Perhaps I do identify with those groups, but I am about balance. I am the mom in the middle. I really don't feel that I belong in either category.  This is a blog centered around acceptance, love, and respectful parenting. What I do not have room for is selfish parenting. 

This is where I will share my journey of being "the mom in the middle". I will share my experiences, thoughts and reflections as I encounter them. Some may be more "natural" minded, some may be "conventional", some posts may be just a jaded cynical rant. As I will say time and time again, take what you like and leave the rest. 

I want to share my personal knowledge with the world because I feel that I have made my share of mistakes and there is always something to be learned from that. Life is a journey and parenting is a major path on that journey. No one should have to do it alone. It definitely takes a village.