Monday, May 2, 2011

Money Monday

Money Saving Tip of the Week:
Quit paying for cable. Really, stop it. Unless you have a pretty damn good reason why you HAVE to have it, why? As of last year, the average digital cable bill for a family was $75 a month and it keeps going up. $75 a month just to sit on your ass and get fat? Sit on your ass and get fat the cheap way!

If you were to cancel those hundred channels of nothing-to-watch and get Hulu-Plus or Netflix in it's place you could save around $800 a year. What would you do with an extra $800 a year? Buy yourself something nice? Take time off of work? Pay off debt? You could put that $800 in a savings account each year for five years. Then you would have $4000+interest. Sounds pretty nice to me.

HuluPlus - I'm not saying you should skip out on good entertainment. I love a good couch potato session as much as the next person. With HuluPlus, you can get entire seasons of 1000s of series plus all current episodes of many, many popular shows. Seven bucks a month gets you nearly the same content you were getting for $75. They even have cable network shows (Sorry folks, no Dexter or Weeds, no premium channels). HuluPlus is only $96 a year in comparison with $900 a year for cable.

Netflix - Okay, you wanna save money but you like your shows that appear on HBO and Showtime and you also like to watch full length feature films? Then Netflix may be the answer. You can get any show under the sun (that's on DVD, that is) through the mail. You can save $780 a year for 1 at a time or $660 a year with 3 at time. Unlimited instant streaming on many devices is also included in that. Plenty of tv and movies on there too.

Yes, there are pros and cons with whichever choice you make. HuluPlus is cheap and instant but may not carry your favorite show or be offered on your device. Netflix is affordable but you don't get to watch the current season that is on TV. You choose whatever you choose depending on what features are most important to your family. Maybe you just love your cable and don't mind renting a redbox movie from time to time. I just want to point out a few new popular choices that can give you comparable amounts of entertainment (if not more) for far less money.

Weekly Totals:

Publix - $70.64 OOP + $138.31 Saved = $208.95 (66%)
It was a 10 day ad this week. It was an awesome sale. We got alot of frozen items to have on hand for snacks. Frozen pizzas are hard to find under $4-$5 and we snagged them for $2.33. Free Heluva Good dip was also a good find for us along with Texas Toast and some pharmacy items. You have until Wednesday, May 4th if you don't want to miss it. 

CVS - $32.20 OOP+$76.07 Saved =108.27 (72%)
Yeah, I know. That's a pretty high total for CVS. You're probably thinking "Shouldn't that be something more like .05 out of pocket?". Well, I wish. I didn't plan on shopping CVS this week but unfortunately, when I went to check my ECB they were ALL going to expire. That's right, all $32 in ECB that I had stashed up. No one wants to throw away a hard earned $32 ECB. Instead, I went through the horrible ad (05/01/11) and purchased enough deals to use my ECB and replace them. I didn't want to just go in and buy $32 worth of stuff and not get any ECB back for the future. I like to roll 'em. So, I ended up spending $32 out of pocket but I got $30 in ECB back and I got a shitload of stuff (cascade, deodorant, shampoo, bodywash, laundry detergent, fabric softener). Things that we will use very quickly and definitely worth more than $32. 


  1. oK so what is ECB and What is OOP???

  2. Ecb - extra care buck.

    Oop- out of pocket

  3. So what is this ECB card at CVS I have never heard of it

  4. The ExtraCare card is the free rewards card they offer to all customers. When you use your ExtraCare card on certain ExtraCare deals, ECB (ExtraCare Bucks) will print on the bottom of the receipt. You can roll these bucks into future purchases to reduce the money you spend oop (out of pocket. To learn more on how to CVS and get most of your personal and household products for free, check out these links: <--That one is a good video.

  5. So right about the cable but, don't get me wrong. I MISS my DVR! I wish I could have kept my DVR to use with the, "free" cable. I still have a VCR, perhaps that could be my, DVR! LOL! On a serious note, I have developed a rather passionate appreciation for Publicly funded television and, I found out that the PBS Kid's channel is far more educational than any of the Children's channels on Cable. In addition to Public Television, Netflix exsists on several multimedia outlets for a much smaller fee a month and, while it can be somewhat limited, I have expanded my horizions with films I would never watch and, intelligent television programming. Our family is also liberated from a large slice of advertising. Not bad, when you're breaking away from the mainstream. =) Thanks for posting and, for posting the money saving tips! I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis!